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Face Off

It takes 4 years to draw a line,
that takes you to a place
and time you thought
rubbed out.
Your finger traces the path
from A to B.
A short journey as the crow flies…

Hey… it’s me!
LOOK at me!

It takes 4 years
but happened overnight,
was I lying face down?
Or did I fold it all wrong on
an unfunny day.
Perhaps it is just a crease
a ‘Ha Ha!’

On closer inspection
the route is obvious.
Mileage and all,
as if I’d googled it first.
Then a mystery tour,
missed stops and false starts.
Now, a photo on a Bus Pass.

©Julia Angell 2018
Written in response to a Workshop on Chakras led by Brenda Squires.

Besides being a real ale connoisseur with a bus pass, Jules is a sailor who saved her dinghy from becoming a flower bed. She also coxes the local Celtic longboats. Jules believes that life is all about finding the rhythm, she sings with the ‘Singing Village,’ and plays a Bougarabou, an African drum, ‘her therapy’ she says. She also writes monologues and the odd poem. Although she’s had poems published online, which have therefore disappeared into the ether as far as she is concerned, she feels her main claim to fame is having a poem printed on the back of a beermat. She feels that this is particularly apt.

Jules finds living ‘on the edge’ inspiring. So much so that she now offers coastal themed creative short breaks for groups and events. See . Wanting to put more back into the place she loves, Jules is also now running a community poetry group in her village, Mooring Lines. This is open to anyone in the area who would like to come along and ‘have a go’. See the Facebook page, Mooring Lines St Dogmaels Community Poetry Group or e mail .