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16 October

gipsy wedding —
all the women wear red
& walk on red stilettos
even the little girl
not yet old enough for school

on the road to the foot of the dam

24 October Parque Natural Hoces del Río Riaza

absence of noise —
will sound
ever resume

jut of craggy cliff
lifts its head after aeons
eases onto light thermal

glide of spanned wings
quiet accompaniment —
griffon vulture

©Helen May Williams 2018

Helen May Williams formerly taught at the University of Warwick and has written extensively on twentieth-century poetry. She runs the Poetry Society’s Carmarthen-based Stanza. Her poetry book, The Princess of Vix, is published by Three Drops Press and her book of mainly haiku, Catstrawe, is published by Cinnamon Press in Spring 2019.  She blogs at

She is a Postvention Advisor with the Samaritans nationwide Step by Step team.