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How we loved this shore

I hear your laugh
as the bubbling surf
spars with the shingle,
pulling at my soles
so I push my toes in deeper…

Dulse bracelets
lick my ankles.
I don’t shake them away
I let you play…

I smooth the ribbons
taste the salt,
your summer skin
on my tongue
a sharp reminder…

Now I watch for you
where two worlds tease.
Wonder at the artist unknown
who blended the blues so well
there seems no above or below…

And the thought comforts,
that you surround me…
I let you swell, break,
tumble over me,
sweep my feet from under me

just once more…

©Julia Angell 2014
Written for and performed at Schubertiade 2014

Aside from being a real ale connoisseur with a bus pass, Julia Angell is a keen sailor who saved her dinghy from becoming a flower bed. She also coxes the local Celtic longboat. Julia believes that life is all about finding the rhythm and loves living ‘at the edge’. She sings with the Singing Village group, her therapy, she says, organizes local salsa dances and plays a bougarabou, an African drum. She also writes monologues… and the odd poem. Her only claim to fame is having a poem published on the back of a beer mat. She feels that this is particularly apt.