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The Hat

Grasses dried in sunlight,
won from golden sand;
the hat,
made by hand.
It’s rounded dome
temples my thoughts
shading my eyes,
narrowing the place
of my thinking,
Summer disguise.
No ribbons, no frills,
just like me
sipping something cold
on a deckchair
close to the Irish Sea.
That precious hat
eternally parading,
promising shelter
from sun shading,
but it’s little holes of air
intruding sunbeams into my hair
intruding thoughts into my mind;
stiffly holding its shape
as I do in the chair,
holding back the rain

© Wendy Smit-Taylor 2013

Created at a PENfro Book Festival Poetry Workshop; featuring Peter George’s Gardening Hat and later workshopped with the PENfro Poets. Sept 2013.

Wendy Smit-Taylor became a PENfro Poet in 2012 and several of her poems have been published and presented at the PENfro Book Festivals. She was short-listed for the PENfro Writers Competition in 2014. Her work is published both locally and wider afield.

‘Keep You in My Pocket’ was a winner of the Rhosygilwen Beermat Competition in 2016.