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Parallel Whispers

Again your smile adorns our photograph
On the back your witty words remind me
Of that day you said we’d never forget
And I still whisper your name

Eternity stops when I lift the veil of time
To cherish the gentle dove sleeping in your voice
To treasure your flaxen mane strewn in the moonlight
I so loved being with you

Our last day together had been filled with tomorrows
And embraces and kisses and promises to keep
While mere space-time machines conspired to dismantle
A safe haven for our love

And the world of work was a mad Maze of Mirrors
We both entered through separate doors and got lost
Trapped in each other’s absence we broke our own hearts
When we should have held hands

Now my life continues to hide in plain sight
Right after the past and just before the future
Round the corner from our glasshouse of dreams
Where you so often laugh and sing and dance

Where you and I are always together
Where our moments of joy last forever
And you still whisper my name

©Patrick de Broux 2018
Written for the 5-part “Maija-Leena Suite”, published privately by the author in Elusive Joys, 2018.

Patrick de Broux settled in Britain from his native Belgium in 1977. In 2006, he retired to Pembrokeshire, which had left an indelible impression on him during a first visit there in the autumn of 1974. He has been writing poetry since childhood, first in his mother tongue of French, and later in English. He was a member of PENfro Poets from October 2013 until January 2015 and re-joined the group in November 2017.