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Road Rage Averted

©Julia Angell 2016
From a workshop led by Helen May Williams,  held on 11th June 2016, experimenting with using random text and found text to generate ‘open field’ poems.

Aside from being a real ale connoisseur with a bus pass, Jules Angell is a keen sailor who saved her dinghy from becoming a flower bed. She also coxes the local Celtic longboat. She sings with the ‘Singing Village’ group, her therapy, she says, organises local salsa dances and plays a Bougarabou, an African drum.  Jules believes that life is all about finding the rhythm in everything and loves living ‘at the edge’. So much so she now offers short breaks, wanting to share the creativity with others,  She also writes monologues and the odd poem.  Her only claim to fame is having a poem printed on the back of a beermat. She feels that this is particularly apt.