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She’s Left Me For Good!

My muse is absent without leave
And I’m not a little peeved!
Yes, that capricious, foxy moll
Has done a runner, gone AWOL!
Now, you may jeer at my misfortune
But I am compelled to ask this question:
When – O when! – will she come home?
Do you think she’d let me know?
That she would care to send a signal?
Some kind of re-assuring message
Like a postcard or an e-mail?
A little tweet or a voicemail?
Nothing at all! Not a sausage!
There’s a reason for this, surely?
Might she be ill, do you suppose?
Or sick and tired of yours truly?
Has she eloped with some young poet?
Lured by his handsome tumbling locks?
Bedazzled by his burning eyes
As he takes her by the hand
And whispers softly in her ear:
“Leave him for good, my dear”?
Or did she jet off in a pique
To Jamaica or Mustique
Moonlighting there for Johnny Depp
Or yet cavorting with Keith Richards?
Sipping champagne with these two devils
While I am stuck here, sucking my pencil?!
I am incensed (as you can tell)
That she could go with such abandon!
She knows damn well (begging your pardon)
That PENfro Poets will reconvene
At Rhosygilwen
On Saturday, April 19
Promptly at 10!
I need her? She leaves me stranded!
I’ll have to turn up empty-handed…
But wait a minute! Hang on a jiff!
These lines I’ve written, I wonder if
My peers will judge them tolerable
Or dismiss them as pure doggerel
In my defence: sometimes they rhyme
And were delivered just in time!

©Patrick de Broux 2014-2018
Written for, and read to, PENfro Poets in April 2014

Patrick de Broux settled in Britain from his native Belgium in 1977. In 2006, he retired to Pembrokeshire, which had left an indelible impression on him during a first visit there in the autumn of 1974. He has been writing poetry since childhood, first in his mother tongue of French, and later in English. He was a member of PENfro Poets from October 2013 until January 2015 and re-joined the group in November 2017.