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She’s the reason I wear pink shoes

You should have seen the shop –
deep marine blue all over the front.

If her tan was good
she’d wear bright yellow

to make the contrast with the blue.
And she’d make sure her hair colour

was the correct shade of red,
real red, not auburn.

She sold teapots,
all white, with coloured dots –

blue, red, yellow, green.
And jugs for milk, butter dishes to match.

Cups, saucers and mugs in primary colours,
with spots and stripes.

Even her scrubbing brushes had colours –
red and green bristles shone out of willow baskets.

There were throws in autumn garb –
rust, Virginia creeper scarlet, acer and beech brown

and cushions to scatter like falling leaves.
Candles in all colours

some even rainbows,
with holders to match or contrast.

Customers touched things,
they couldn’t resist

picked them up
put them back askew.

A tight smile
a taut thank you as they left.

She’d wait until they had gone,
the door closed behind them

and she’d put everything back
where it should be

it was her favourite word.

©Jackie Biggs 2018
From a workshop led by Helen May Williams, selecting and writing a postcard to a friend.
First published in The Writers’ Café Magazine. April 2018:

Jackie Biggs’ first collection, The Spaces in Between, was published in September 2015 by Pinewood Press (Swansea). She has also had poetry published in many magazines and anthologies, both in print and online. She reads her work at spoken word events all over west Wales, where she lives. She is co-organiser of The Cellar Bards spoken word event in Cardigan, a former chair of PENfro Book Festival and a member of the Rockhoppers poetry performance group. She has been a member of PENfro Poets since its inception in 2012. Some of her poetry appears on her blog:

Twitter: @JackieNews