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The Fisher Girl

Sometimes, when the sea was calm
And the air full of gold,
You’d invite me to stow away in your boat
And help in your search for that perfect horizon.
Then, as the Earth held its breath,
We’d swim and play for hours in the mirrored sky
And always: I’d drown, fully happy,
In the deeps of your gaze.

Other times, when you were out fishing
Alone in bad weather,
Hurried clouds above you came
Scudding across my own sky
Laden with spires and domes;
Could you see me, my love?
Lost in a sea of books,
With only your smile as my compass?

Come; leave your boat on the shore
And jump on a train to my city.
Don’t be afraid: it rains here too!
The wind will still blow through your hair
And, as ever, you and I will set sail.
Later, we’ll look up once more at the stars
And then, replete with laughter and joy,
We’ll dive into the waves of dream.

© Patrick de Broux 2017
Written for and performed at Schubertiade 2014

Patrick de Broux settled in Britain from his native Belgium more than four decades ago. In 2006, he retired to Pembrokeshire, which had left an indelible impression on him during a first visit there in the autumn of 1974. He has been writing poetry since childhood, first in his mother tongue of French, and later in English. He was a member of PENfro Poets from October 2013 until January 2015.