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The Sea Holds Memories

For Ann Byrne Sutton

The tide is out,
a spit of sand, part land, part river, part sea
shimmers on the edge of sunset.

You said
the sea plays tricks.
Alone, at the helm, mid Atlantic,
seafarers, migrants, slaves,
babbled long-dead stories from your wake.

the waves suck dry pebbles,
their susurration empty.
I take a stone, send it flying.
Fresh roundels of memory
to swell the world’s sea.

The sun drains to a cliché of orange.
Something tickles at my foot.
Two flies locked, mating there,
new life forming.

It is only now that I catch
the ripples of your laughter.

©Vivien Boyes 2018

When I heard about the death of fellow PENfro Poets member, Ann Byrne Sutton, I took a notebook and went to sit in a quite spot by the sea where I could jot down a few memories. Aided by the use of Mind Mapping techniques which we had explored at a PENfro workshop run by Patrick de Broux, these notes grew into a poem.

Vivien Boyes has had a varied writing career which began when she provided short stories, poetry and filler items for BBC Radio Derby. She has contributed to Mother and Baby, Parents and BBC Radio Four. Her children’s book The Druid’s Head was published by Gwasg Gomer and she won the Children’s Writing Section of the London Writers’ Competition. She has rediscovered her love of writing poetry as a founder member of PENfro Poets.