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The Somerset Levels

It takes 4 years to draw a line,
that takes you to a place
and time you thought
rubbed out.
Your finger traces the path
from A to B.
A short journey as the crow flies…

Hey… it’s me!
LOOK at me!

It takes 4 years
but happened overnight,
was I lying face down?
Or did I fold it all wrong on
an unfunny day.
Perhaps it is just a crease
a ‘Ha Ha!’

On closer inspection
the route is obvious.
Mileage and all,
as if I’d googled it first.
Then a mystery tour,
missed stops and false starts.
Now, a photo on a Bus Pass.

First published in Come Back to Avalon. Starborn Books, 2011, with kind permission of Ann Byrne-Sutton’s family and the editors of Starborn Books.

The late Ann Byrne-Sutton was born in Glastonbury and studied medicine in Bristol. She and her husband, both keen mountaineers, moved to Geneva in 1961. In 1988 she sailed the Atlantic both ways in a ten-metre yacht, as a crew to a woman climbing friend. She settled in Pembrokeshire, completed an MA in writing at Glamorgan University, published High June (2002) and Come Back to Avalon (2011). She was a founder member of PENfro Poets.