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A cockerel calls
over startled walls.
Again     twice.

Endless bricks
encase this high enclosure
two gates are shut.

A black dog, caught in
the tail of your eye
looks back at you

furtive and sly.
But in this misleading space
he knows already that

he has lost the chase.
Then your heart lifts
toward the trees

towering beyond the barren border
and sun looks misty at you
in the strident wind.

Light creeps in       somewhere
in this south-sloping space.
The dog hangs his head

as you begin to wake
his tail drops and he lopes away
a scowl across his face.

The buzz of promises rises
in first hints of blossom –
cherry    apple

almond  and apricot
peach    plum   pear.
The curious chimera dissolves

as a dog’s shadow steals away
through an open gate.

©Jackie Biggs 2018
Written in the walled garden at Rhosygilwen. First published in Eds. Peter George & Brenda Squires. PENfro Poets 2013. Menter Rhosygilwen, 2013.

Jackie Biggs’ first collection, The Spaces in Between, was published in September 2015 (Pinewood Press, Swansea). She has also had poetry published in many magazines and anthologies, in print and online. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She reads her work at spoken word events all over west Wales, is co-organiser of The Cellar Bards spoken word event in Cardigan, a former chair of PENfro Book Festival and a member of the Rockhoppers poetry performance group. She has been a member of PENfro Poets since its inception in 2012. Blog:     Twitter: @JackieNews